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Ropes and plant fibers

  • The dwarf fan palm (Chamaerops humilis) whose leaves are used, is one of the few plants to develop the semi-desert areas. It grows throughout the Mediterranean without fertilizer or irrigation, and regenerates naturally ...

    Ropes and plant fibers

    Result of palm tree carding, vegetal hair has long been used for stuffing chairs and car seats.
    Slightly repellent, it is less susceptible to mold and degrades much more slowly than cereal straw or wood shavings: ideal for winter protection of plants.
    Alternative to synthetic foams for cushioning rods against stakes, within the protections of trunks, or in transit.

    Ropes and plant fibers
  • Ropes and plant fibers
    Bead of 45 cm long vegetal hair with 3 links pre-positioned of rope Dum.
    Avoids injuries to the trunk due to friction with protection.
    • Ropes and plant fibers
    • Ropes and plant fibers
    Rope made by twisting the leaf blade of the saw palmetto.
    Traditional manufacturing of rope Dum is performed manually by the women of the mountains of Moroccan Atlas while monitoring herds.
    Diameter : 0,5 cm (large) / 0,3 cm (fine)
    100% biodegradable, but retains its strength longer than raffia ties.