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Viti Protect Plant


    VITI PROTECT PLANT is designed for grape nursery anxious to offer a high-end eco-friendly solution to their customers.

    Made from split reeds, VITI PROTECT PLANT offers an alternative to the use of plastics in the vineyards. VITI PROTECT PLANT is in the form of a braided sheath into which is inserted in the vine root ball. This allows the installation of plant and the protection in a single operation.

    • Viti Protect Plant
    • Viti Protect Plant
    • Viti Protect Plant
    • Viti Protect Plant

    Particularly suitable for replanting operations, VITI PROTECT PLANT fits perfectly into the landscape and demonstrates the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly vine growing.

    Completely biodegradable, VITI PROTECT PLANT gradually degrades without further composting and without residue; it can also be ground with the vine shoots or be incinerated without releasing harmful gases.

    Easy and quick to implement, VITI PROTECT PLANT protects young plants against the attacks of rabbits, projections of weedkillers, and sunburns.

    The use of natural materials prevents condensation favorable for disease development, and minimizes damage from spring frosts and summer heat (oven effect).

    Practical, VITI PROTECT PLANT can be opened and closed easily at any time to prune the plant.
    Thanks to its design, the lower part containing the root ball does not interfere with root development.

    Faster than traditional systems of tree guards or tubes, and the absence of removal cost makes VITI PROTECT PLANT particularly economical.
    The wire used to attach the protection to the stake is not galvanized, rusts and disappears within a few years.